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HR Core

HR Core - Human Resources & Payroll Management System A comprehensive HR information system developed by DRAINWIZ CS that ensures an easy management of human resources. It provides centralized repository of employees profile, payroll management, accounting integration in the business and making sure employees are compliant to company policies and guidelines.

What To Expect?

Features of the system.


Keep track of your employee's attendance with ease, and hassle free. Let your employee's absences, late and overtime automatically computed for you with our HR CORE payroll module in no time.

Go Mobile and Web

Employees has better way of understanding his/her employment status in real-time seeing leave credits, payslips and able his/her apply leaves on the web.

Recruitments & Hiring

We simplified the recruitment process so you can have the best candidate for the position. Create a pool of your applicants, schedule interviews, and make shortlist of your candidates so you can have the right and qualifies person to do the job.

Pre Scheduled Deductions

All deductions can be scheduled per pay period and are automatically applied accordingly. Payroll deduction of SSS, Philhealth, withholding tax, loans and such are computed automatically. We make things easy for you as you need it.

Leaves and Approvals

Track employee's leave and time at work with ease, and approved such leave application fast with convenience with mobile web portal for approvers.

HR Dashboard

It provides intelligent segmentation of your workforce as to focus on the challenges that matter across your business. It gives you a snap information and overview of visual summaries, so you can direct your workforce strategically in compliance with DOLE policy.

Multiple Paymaster

Worry no more with employee's payroll confidentiality. Our system is designed to have multi-payroll maker so you can group your personnel accordingly and improve efficiency for a large scale number of employees management.

Policies & Offenses

Be guided appropriately to the offenses made by an employee and issue NTE on the acts or omissions committed consequently.

Payslip Notification

Your employees can be notified through SMS if payroll is now ready for release. Likewise, payslip can be printed or emailed to your employees directly at your convenience.

BIR & Accounting

Proofsheet and auto accounting entries are created to facilitate all accounting transaction per payroll period so you do not have to worry of your accounting side. Moreover, BIR required remittance are also created with respective forms like 2316, 1604 and 1601 respectively.

Centralized HR Data

Access your employee data instantly and retrieve it without any hassle. Be informed of his/her trainings and work portfolio as need it and as you want it.

Some Pictures of the system


Leave Approval

Payroll Summary



Employee Masterlist

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